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Making a Difference, Largo, Florida

Poster girl for sleep toys, IN-CAME I

Poster girl for sleep toys, IN-CAME I

"Everyone needs a sleep toy." Eight  year old Serina says. Serina started volunteering at New 2 U Thrift Store when she was 2. She participated in two Christmas parades and saw how the people smiled when sleep toys(stuffed animals) were handed out. Now, New 2 U has sponsored her dream to hand out sleep toys to all. Second Christmas Parade in Largo, December 17, 2016, was a success. Christopher Londos, our driver, Sean and Oscar our runners, Angel, passing out candy and Serina, giving runners the toys to pass out.  Serina, handing out more sleep toys and gifts stuffed in Publix plastic bags with Boars Head pens and books,  1200 in all. 

Sponsors: Walgreen's #3998

                                        Walgreen's # 3556

                                        Publix # 1456

                                        New 2 U Thrift Store

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Float in Old Fashion Largo Christmas Parade

Old Fashion Largo Christmas Parade: December 17, 2016

The International Chrysalis Art and Music Education and Angelique Londos handed out  lots of candy and Serina, sleep toys, donated by New 2 U Thrift Store, Boars Head pens and  books, in Publix plastic bags, candy from two different Walgreen's, as well, as, candy from, Publix # 1456. The priceless smiles and hard work will be worth the efforts. SEE EVERYONE THERE.