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International Chrysalis Art & Music Education, Inc.

Super Heroes Magic and more
YOU FOUND US! and are Starznbarz Photography. All of our galleries are best viewed using the "slideshow" button on the top right of each gallery. We are freelance media and event photographers based in W. central Florida. We shoot : Public & private events, band promotion & multi camera music video`s for upload, Fishing Tournaments,Company team building events, Business

Costume contest  winners and Dr. Who as the announcer.

 Thank you,  Rick Watson.

Z and Chris
Gather around, see the show

At International Chrysalis Art & Music Education, Inc.  (IN-CAME-I) , we are focused on providing real life educational opportunities with the highest levels of educational  satisfaction, utilizing art,  music and a variety of real life education to make a difference, for all.  We would like to partner with you and your group and work together to make a better place for our future generations. Keeping in mind  the  balance of nature and life and making it as important as the air we breathe.