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Summarizing the problem or need we are working to address!

INCAMEI is attempting to solve the challenging deficiency of education to our youth around the sense of balance to the existing fact that a series of ages are unaware of the importance of life, nature, Earth, plants, animals, history and all that exist.

What our organization is aiming to accomplish!

Our unswerving objective, therefore must be to prevent this from happening, to future generations not only here in our country, but, around the world and secure their knowledge and right to know. 

What are our strategies for making this happen!

To solve the problem of our youth lacking such knowledge, we will be opening opportunities for the youth to speak, see and participate in scholarly workshop sessions, receptions, luncheons, an artistic production expo, and cultural performances, to name a few.

INCAMEI entrepreneurship is at the core of current and future educational development for future generations, nations and communities around the globe. 

To this end, INCAMEI, will give participants the opportunity to share ideas, become aware of issues, guidelines, and trends that are filtering into academic educational transformations globally, as well as explore the artistic aptitudes of all participants.

What are our organization's capabilities for doing this?

Business professionals, to share their knowledge and products at any of our workshops, events, promotions, speaking engagements and developing opportunities to utilize technology of today's world. Bringing veterans, youth and families together, in one place to experience the historical events.

How will we know if you are making progress!

Guest surveys, events, parades, speaking engagements and any community involvements.  Feedback from website and speaking to guests that may perhaps learn and experience the programs.

What have we accomplished so far and what's next?

Organized two successful events. 

 1. At the Armed Forces History Museum.  (stepping inside the 50,000 sq. foot multi award winning military museum, the participants submerged themselves in 100,000 artifacts and 50 operational vehicles.) The museum featured interactive exhibits and dioramas about conflicts from World War I through present day. 

2. The Palladium. Super Heroes Magic and more

3. Largo Christmas Parade.

4. Great American Teach In. 

INCAMEI- Benefit will bring together international and domestic academic artistic entrepreneurs of art, music and participants who are interested and/or involved with, education transformation.

Stay the course.

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