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International Chrysalis Art & Music Education, Inc.(INCAMEI)

The education of our youth to the balance of life, nature, families and freedom, are essential and considered the most important elements for success in the next centuries to come.

"Taking the lessons that have been learned throughout history and apply all of our best thinking to the second round of educational learning, experiences of life, can make a difference in the world we live in. It takes a village to raise a child."

Ms. Joan SittingBull, believes in the veterans, elderly, farmers, ranchers, marine biologists, astronauts, families and all knowledgeable people in all fields whom share their knowledge to keep history alive tor our youth. Moving forward in a positive direction.

Easy things are hard for me. And hard things are easy.

Ms. Joan SittingBull

President, INCAMEI

Larry Stoney Stoney’s training continues to be harnessed today through training others in Personal and professional development, Security Specialist training with tactical weapons and firearm training. He’s also sought out as an Executive Protection Consultant, for Executive transport, risk analysis, Strategic insight, Conflict Resolution and asset acquisition.

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Larry Stoney Stone

Board of Director

Mary Jo Tishler has worked in the Corporate Marketing Industry for 15 years; she strives in all her interactions to provide compassionate client customer service. She has volunteered with the Salvation Army and South Eastern Guide Dogs and she is a Notary Public for the State of Florida. Mary Jo's daughter Amber is 31 years old and was born and raised in Pinellas County Florida. When I was younger I felt that something was missing inside of me although I could never really figure out what that was. Because I was young I didn’t think twice about it and I just continued with my life. Many years go by and that feeling of something is missing is back in full force then one day something happens in your life that makes you rethink everything that’s happened that’s when you realize it is time to not only find yourself but find a cause close to your heart and do what you can to make a difference. That is when I came across International Chrysalis Art and Music Educations, Inc. and a great woman named Ms. Joan SittingBull. Ms. Joan believes that the education of our youth to the balance of life, nature, families and freedom are essential. The education of our children is something I believe in as well and that is what attracted me to International Chrysalis Art and Music Educations, Inc.

Mary Jo Tishler