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Exciting Opportunity for Youth Artists to enter

Guitar/HARMONICA contest:

International Chrysalis Art & Music Education, Inc. is proud to announce the 2020 Guitar/Harmonica Contest. The contest is open to all students. 15 Guitar designs created by youth artists will be selected for implementation and exhibition.

Out of those 15, three winners, will win a guitar or harmonica. The art guitar/harmonica exhibits will be displayed at:

Eagles Park Publix. March 28 thru April 5, 2020,   APRIL 5, Sunday. (10am-2 pm) INCAMEI and 100 Easter Wishes II, will present guitars and harmonicas to winners, at Eagles Park Publix.



Deb-Ra artist guitart

Debra Rahmoeller

(Ideas for designs)

 I love to try new things and experiment with my art.

 [email protected]

Debra, will be the artist, judging the artistic qualities of the guitar and harmonica contest. 
deb-Ra artistic harmonica
acousticguitar drawing
Harmonica drawing contest
three guitar giveaway

Guitar/harmonica, give away.

Three harmonica giveaway

1. Students create their own unique guitar or harmonica art on cardboard or material of their choice. (Also available online).  Write a personal essay will allow the admissions staff to get to know who you are as a student. Your essay should be limited to the word count (50) specified by the application. (pre k and Kindergarten just have to enter and turn in their design to win a first year guitar. First 25 are winners.)

2. Students give the design and application form back to the art educator (teacher, artist, or parent).

3. Art educators send the designs and completed applications to INCAMEI by March 12, 2020.

4. Winning designs will be selected March 19, 2020 and art educators will be notified by email at that time.

5.  Contest coordinators will judge mailed or emailed guitars and or harmonicas March 12, 2020. 

6. Guitars/harmonicas winners will be displayed at Eagles Park Publix. March 28 thru April 5, 2020, for viewing, before give away.

7. NSCW and 100 Easter Wishes II- Publix#305  5577 Park St N Saint Petersburg, FL 33709-6309, event APRIL 5, Sunday. (EVENT DATE)


• Must be students.

.• Students must attend a school, traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, online academies and or homeschooling.

• Schools may establish a coordinator for this event, or a single art educator may apply on behalf of  student(s).

• Designs must be made on cardboard or material of choice. Also available at

• Completed Application Form must be submitted with the guitar design

• Applications will not be accepted if the form is not signed by the student, parent, and/or educator.

• Three guitars and three harmonicas will be supplied to winning designers, on April 5, 2020 at Eagles Park Publix.

• The design can cover the entire guitar and or harmonica.

• Applications with guitar/harmonica  designs need to be mailed or emailed to: INCAMEI (by March 12, 2020.)

Ms. Joan SittingBull

13801 Walsingham Rd. A-412 

Largo, Fl. 33774

Email:   [email protected]